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Gun control advocates will tell you that the National Rifle Association is an organization that controls law makers like puppets through their wallets. They make them out to be like the mafia, and speak of them as if they were not in fact made up of voting united states citizens. It's as if the ACLU is good because they uncompromisingly defend certain parts of the Constitution, and the NRA is bad, because they defend other parts of the Constitution.

The National Rifle Association is funded by donations from its members. When people like Bill Clinton blame the NRA for their failures relating to gun control, they are merely blaming gun owners who aren't willing to give up their rights.

I lived in California for a few years while serving in the Marine Corps. California has historically been a pioneer state for gun control. Since I am an avid gun rights advocate, I've had many conversations about guns with the people who live there. It amazed me how many of them thought you had to have a license to own a gun. Another common belief in California, is that "assault weapons" are machine guns. I was astounded when The state passed the .50 caliber rifle ban, and the only word I heard of it was through an e-mail alert from the NRA web site. Why wasn't this a big story in the news? How did it happen so fast? Didn't they realize that a .50 caliber rifle has never been used in a crime in the history of that state?

Why am I talking about California and .50 caliber rifles in the NRA section of this site? Because I want to explain how the NRA is not enough. The NRA spends most of its efforts fighting off the barrage of anti-gun legislation that is popping up everywhere. They also use a lot of effort in defending individuals rights in courtrooms, or in fighting people or organizations for civil rights violations related to guns. One thing you don't see as much of from the NRA these days, is public relations and education. I remember seeing Charlton Heston's face on the TV giving powerful speeches, or tearing apart lies from anti-gun agitators. Now, even when John Kerry was running for office as the most anti-gun candidate ever, we have heard hardly anything from the NRA. The most powerful tool the anti-gun organizations have, is the ignorance of the American people. This means that giving money to the NRA, and being a member, while good, is not enough. It means that if you have an understanding of gun rights, it's your responsibility to get other people to understand. Write letters to the editor in your local newspaper, Write letters to your local legislators, talk to people you see every day. The difference you can make is bigger than you think.

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