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Law of the Jungle VS Law of Equality


Inscribed on a gun:

"Be afraid of no man, No matter what size. When trouble threatens, call on me, For I shall equalize."- Craig McElvoy

Imagine that a magic wizard was able to actually rid the world of guns, and everybody's ability to make guns. Now imagine that you are a burglar, robber, rapist, or murderer. How would this change effect you? Would you stop Burglarizing, robbing, raping, or murdering? Or Wouldn't you actually feel safer in doing so? After all, you know for a fact that your victim isn't armed. Sure they might have some more primitive weapon to defend themselves with, but you know that you will probably still get away with your life. In fact, since you are choosing victims weaker than yourself, you can probably still overpower them. Survival of the fittest right? This is what is called the "Law of the Jungle".

Guns are the great equalizers. In the hands of a criminal, they do make the criminal more dangerous. But when a gun is in the hands of a would-be victim, it is just as dangerous to the criminal as the criminal with a gun is to the victim. It doesn't matter what the size or strength of either party is. There are no wizards, and no government can actually keep guns out of the hands of criminals. This makes it so much more important to keep guns available to the law abiding citizen in order to take us out of the law of the jungle, and into the law of equality.

Statistically, the best deterrent to violent crime has always been a gun in the hand of the victim. It is more likely to stop the criminal, just by brandishing it, than it is if the victim tries to run, scream, fight back, use pepper spray, stun guns, or anything else.

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