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Why Own a Gun?


Question: Why do you need a gun in your home when you can call the police?

Why would you buy a fire extinguisher when you can call the fire department? Why do you own a car when you can take the bus? When your life is threatened, will you have time to wait for the police?

The average response time for police is 15 minutes. Not having a gun in the home Is a risk far too many people feel perfectly safe in taking. Many of these people believe the myth that a gun in the home is more dangerous than a home without one, or that a gun in the home is more likely to kill a family member than to protect a family member. These are more than just myths, they are lies that were either created, or perpetuated by anti-gun lawmakers. Lies that state just the opposite of the truth, and feed on certain peoples fear of guns. (See Guns and Crime)

Argument: I've never needed to use a gun before, and I'm sure I never will. People who own guns are just paranoid.

If I have had a perfect driving record for many, many years, am I paranoid because I own car insurance? My home has never caught fire, so am I paranoid for owning a fire alarm or extinguisher? There are up to 250 million paranoid Americans who use a gun to defend themselves every year. Depending on where you live, and how much luck you have, you might never actually need to use a gun. But by not owning a gun, however, you are nothing but negligent to both yourself, and your family members. Human beings have what I call chronic optimism. It's a disease that Las Vegas thrives on. People tend to believe that even if the odds are against them, they will somehow come out on top. It is better to have a gun and not need one, than to need a gun and not have one.

Argument: I am really brave, really strong, and I know every type of martial arts available. I will never need a gun.

You're right. Courage and martial arts give you the ability to catch bullets with your teeth. It happens in the movies, so naturally, you can do it too. No matter who you are, there is always someone who can overpower you. Either by strength, or by use of a weapon. If you have a gun, however, the worst case scenario is that the odds are even.

Question: What if I am very old, frail, or I can't even put bullets in a magazine?

Have somebody else load it. As long as you can safely pick it up and pull the trigger, you have more of a reason to own a gun than most people because of your vulnerability. A gun requires very little strength to fire, and it doesn't hurt unless you let your hand gets in the way of the muzzle or slide.

Question What if I don't even know how a gun works? I don't want to shoot myself!

Learn how the gun works, don't point the barrel at yourself, and don't put your finger on the trigger. It's fairly simple.

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