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Good Guns VS Bad Guns

Anti-gun lawmakers have been discovering that screaming for an all out ban doesn't get them very far. We are now hearing things like "common sense" gun laws and only wanting to get rid of "certain" guns that seem to be favored by criminals. These "certain" guns include the following:

"Assault Weapons" - Too military, or scary looking. "Saturday Night Specials" - Too inexpensive. "Sniper Rifles" - Too accurate. "Hand Cannons" - Too powerful "Pocket Rockets" - Too small. "Street Sweepers" - (Shotguns) Too deadly. Antique Guns - Too unsafe. Toy guns - Too gun-like.

Every gun that has ever been made, falls into some specific anti-gun category that only SEEMS to get singled out as a particularly bad or unsafe gun. If guns were truely "safe", they would be useless. Once again we must realize that the only truly effective, and proper way to deal with gun crime, is to punish the criminal, and deter him with the possibility of an armed victim.

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