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Americans Fear Freedom

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The United States is safe behind its own bars, but is that a nice place to be?

Americans have been loosing liberty each and every year since the signing of the U.S. Constitution. What has to be recognized by Americans, is thatAmericans have been loosing liberty each and every year since the signing  we have forgotten who this government belongs to. Laws are not to be used by lawmakers to make a mark in history. They are not to be purchased by wealthy idealists. They are not to come out as a knee-jerk reaction to fearful events. A mans freedom to swing his fist should never stop short of another mans nose, and a law should never be passed unless it has all of the following:

A) A precidented need.

B) An overwelming demand by the population.

C) No reasonable doubt as to it's necessary intrusion into society.

Anything less, no matter what potential end it endeavors to achieve, is a deal with the devil.





If you place a frog in boiling water, he will jump out. However, if you Increase the heat slowly, he will willfully remain in the pot until he eventually cooks. This illustrates what is happening in today's society. As laws are incrementally introduced, society accepts the small changes until eventually, all of modern society forgets what liberty was.

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The illness of placing safety above liberty.